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Zoo Parody

12. Oktober 2018

Portuguese activist and ecologic artist Artur Bordalo, known around the world as Bordalo II, has delivered his most ambitious trash animal installation to date entitled Wild Wild Waste, debuting a 10,000 square feet world of trash on display during ​Life Is Beautiful Festival’s in Downtown Las Vegas

An eye-popping zoo parody with aims to draw attention to a current global problem, human waste production and the commodification of animal habitats, all the while offering viewers the ultimate destination for a creative funhouse.

The project has been prepared in secrecy during 5 weeks in an abandoned Motel of the original Downtown Las Vegas. Justkids curator, Charlotte Dutoit explained “Bordalo is inspired by the rejected, the broken, the wasted, somehow our everyday; With the trash we refuse to be responsible for he creates a fantastic installation that is playful and, furthermore that question our relation to waste and our responsibility”. ​A lion confined in a truck, a pingouin flock stacked on plastic cubes, a whale tangled up in a fishing net, a Panda family made with cars, some white foxes and monkeys… all captured by our plastic kingdom. ​Tyler Williams, Fungineer at Zappos.com adds ​“We were so humbled to have the opportunity to help host the art of Bordalo at Life Is Beautiful this past weekend. The entire installation’s emotional nature gave us all a little lesson in doing more with less in our work and in our environment.”

Bordalo II extensive body of works includes sculptures and reliefs he calls “Trash Animals”; built with end-of-life materials like plastics found in wastelands, dumpsters, abandoned factories, scrap yards and recycling centers. However, the final product can’t be further away from trash, provoking viewers to consider the true nature of humanity and animals directly affected by our systemic waste production.

About Bordalo

Based in Lisbon, the Portuguese artist Artur Bordalo ( last image below), known as Bordalo II, has gained international acclaim not only for his keen artistic eye, but for the media he has chosen for this body of work. Following in the footsteps of his grandfather who also painted the city walls, Bordalo chose to visually entice the fellow inhabitants while engaging in a dialog about a concern that encompasses all of us. Collecting various discarded materials natural to each city he visits, Bordalo II incorporates waste such as old tires, appliances, aluminum cans, and imperishable objects into his street art installations. In his figurative reliefs as well as stand alone sculptures, Bordalo II forms various animals that are directly affected by the junk used to create his works. Although each piece is comprised of trash, the final product can’t be further away from it.

Images: Courtesy of the Artist



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