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Xmas: Wärme schenken

1. Dezember 2017

14 Dörfer der Himalaya Region wurden 2014 bei einem verherrenden Erdbeben verschüttet. Frauen aus der Cooperative Camp Hope haben anschließend stricken gelernt und ermöglichen damit ihren Familien eine warme Mahlzeit – und uns zu Weihnachten warme Jacken, Pullover und Decken aus der ASHA HOPE Kollektion

Christine Mayer aus Berlin hat das Projekt initiiert und erklärt uns ASHA

आशा ASHA
means HOPE in Nepali.
आशा ASHA
is a luxury slow fashion and lifestyle brand and
a living dialogue between the Himalayan mountains, 
Kathmandu and Berlin.
आशा ASHA
is also a modern and sustainable way of female empowerment, to support the independence of women in Nepal and crucially determine the evolution of women’s status in their society.
आशा ASHA
stands for exceptional quality, sophisticated design, impeccable craftswomenship, green materials, highest ethical standards and social responsibility

Dedicated to makers, animals and nature
आशा ASHA
produces unique handmade collector’s items manifesting the balance between
heart and soul,
east and west.
आशा ASHA
is committed to high-end products, manufactured in the most simple and traditional handicraft ways.

We share our effort, philosophy and treasures with the conscious consumers who want to alter self and society, who do not follow any fashion dictate and who are looking for precious long-time companion pieces.

The profit from sales will support the women in Nepal in their independence, generating their own income and help them to rebuild their homes, destroyed by the devastating earthquake in 2015.

We use
आशा ASHA
as our vehicle of change, to create a conscious world with mindfully consumption, respect and responsibility to humans, animals and nature in pure beauty and bliss. Love and understanding will heal us and the earth.

With deep gratitude, dear customers,
we bow our heads before you.

Only one Divine Consciousness.

Die Aufnahmen wurden uns von Christine Mayer zur Verfügung gestellt.

Mehr Informationen über Asha Hope und Christine Mayer unter intothelight.de

Oder schreibt Christine: christine@intothelight.de


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