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12. Mai 2020

Studio Loft: A unique remodeling project with a gained triple function

‘Studio Loft’ is an example of the transformation of a double flat

In today’s world where efficient and creative use of space has become a necessity, the idea of remodeling existing structures has received growing interest and enthusiasm. Moreover remodeling designs that manage to accommodate and mingle several functions are increasingly being sought after.

‘Studio Loft’ is an example of the transformation of a double flat in an existing five-story building in a densely populated neighborhood of Izmir into a multifunctional duplex space. Above all it is simultaneously a workspace, a ‘photographic studio’ and a residential space, a ‘loft’ to live in. The client who is a famous photographer and an artist based in Izmir worked closely with the architects of Yerce Architecture & ZAAS in the designing and creation of a new ‘home’ for himself, which he wanted to be something more than just a place to live and work in.

Hence an exhibition area was incorporated into the studio space enabling the owner, as well as local talents, to display their photographic work, which would serve as an alternative art exhibition spot in the center of the city where art galleries are rather scarce.

The entrance zone of  ‘Studio Loft’, once two separate flats is now a duplex unit and an open spacious area with a double-height ceiling. Entering ‘studio loft’, one steps right into the photographic studio and exhibition space. On the same floor at the back is a guest bathroom

with a vaulted ceiling that solves the height restriction problem. Material choices of the bathroom with their reflective surfaces give one a sense of being inside a futuristic space, which also serves as an out-of-the-ordinary photography setting. A sculptural staircase, designed with no railing on either side to highlight the dynamism and rhythm of circulation inside the space,  connects the ground floor to the upper floor. While the ground floor is designed to fulfill the needs of a photographic studio and an exhibition space, the upper floor is planned to host office space, kitchen area, sleeping and private resting zones at the far end of the open plan living space. Reflecting on the owner’s lifestyle who loves to cook for his guests, the kitchen is a social space for cooking, eating, and relaxing.

Next to the kitchen is another spot with a cozy fireplace for gathering with friends and resting. Floor-to-ceiling windows offer bright panoramic views to the greenery outdoors.

The upper floor has also been designed to serve as an additional space for photo shootings if wanted, as one of the targets of the project was to maximize the space for photographic work. The result has been the creation of a ‘loft’ space that serves multiple functions, intertwined with each other, under the roof of a photographic studio. This is the outcome of how the architects approached the challenge, stated by Nail Egemen Yerce, founder of Yerce Architecture as “Answers were sought to questions such as how could space initially constructed as a typical, standard apartment be transformed into a multifunctional area serving different functions and forms of living while maintaining permeability within these functions.”

Ayça Taylan, the co-founder of ZAAS, adds that “the project also reached out to the public, that is the outside world, through the exhibition space incorporated into the photography studio.” Viewing the outside world and the inner space as a continuum, the architects transformed the open space in front of the apartment, formerly used as a car park into a patio. The paving material of the ground floor was extended to cover the patio and the sidewalks, leading to the integration of the whole space. Furthermore, the sliding glass doors of the facade, which could also be completely folded up at the sides, contributed to the fusion of the inner space with the urban space in an exhibition event. Taylan continues that “the street flowing into the inner space and vice versa enables a passer-by to have a look at the exhibition without a filter.” On an exhibition opening night the wide sidewalk,  integrated with the patio in front of the loft, becomes extended outside social area for the visitors.

Despite the difficulties encountered in the construction process, most notably in time and budget, Studio Loft materialized as a new urban dwelling and working space typology with the additional function of being an exhibition place. Meeting the challenge of serving a triple function in the same space and time, this unique remodeling project stands out as an example of architectural wizardry.

Images: Emin Emrah Yerce



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