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Welcome to White’s

2. August 2019

It is in a residential neighbourhood of Montreal’s south shore that White’s opened their very first service counter. The founding couple have a new vision for the modern dry cleaner

Their variety of eco-friendly products are displayed in the 14 foot built-in library

Based on a fully transparent production line, the use of eco-friendly products and an overall upscale customer experience: The off-site factory is located in the center of the city for easy distribution and mirrors the brand’s image with its minimalist design and attention to detail.

The flagship location is truly the first of its kind in Montreal. With its unique space, it introduces a new typology of dry cleaners to the city. Inspired by traditional Parisian apartments, the space has a classical and elegant atmosphere portrayed through extensive molding details, graceful volumes and noble materials. The exaggerated existing ceiling height presented the principal challenge in creating a cosy ambiance. A series of lowered lighting globes aligned with an abundance of high moldings help take advantage of the rooms original height all the while creating comfortable proportions for the new space. To contrast with the immaculate white decor, handmade terracotta ceramic tiles were selected for the flooring and installed in a herringbone pattern. Their variety of eco-friendly products are displayed in the 14 foot built-in library, accessible with the custom sliding ladder. The spatial organisation reveals various architectural features such as the hidden doors, the integrated window for the seamstress’ counter, and the frosted glass strip displaying the movement of clothes on the hidden conveyor. From the outside, the fully glazed façade showcases the monolithic black marble counter and brass Lambert et fils lighting fixture that together set the tone to this new brand of dry cleaners.

Images: Annie Fafard

Design + Architecture: IVYSTUDIO



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