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Welcome to greet

20. September 2019

Travelers’ expectations have changed. Customers are now increasingly focused on hotel experiences that respect people and the world around them. Alert to new trends, Accor is rewriting the rules and presents greet

At greet, spaces are no longer standardized, instead the focus is placed on second chances

A new alternative hospitality and sustainable tourism offer that combines environmental considerations with a socially responsible approach for travelers seeking authenticity. The latest addition to the Group’s economy segment, greet is a community-based, responsible and non-standardized brand, that is in keeping with current trends and seeks to serve travelers who are looking to add meaning to their purchases and are aware of their impact on the planet. greet sets itself apart through its name and its unique identity within Accor Group’s brand portfolio. Celebrating a philosophy of donating and giving a second chance, greet hotels invite their guests to share moments and experiences. It represents a return to meaningful essentials, to enjoying being and having fun together while shaking off formalities. Created in early 2019, the greet brand brings a distinctive touch to the hotel Group. Following the success of its recently launched lifestyle brands, with greet Accor is continuing its plan to expand its brand portfolio in order to stay in tune with its partners and offer memorable and ever-evolving experiences to its customers. greet was created in response to a single observation – today, more than ever before, travelers want a high-quality and affordable hotel experience, while simultaneously seeking to add meaning to their purchases and reduce their impact on the planet. The greet concept addresses this dual challenge through a flexible business model for partners, and a totally new hotel experience for customers.

Images: Martel Antoine


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