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25. Januar 2019

The place to be in Ostend, Belgium. Upstairs Hotel is located in the bustling centre of Ostend, the city by the sea. At a stone’s throw away from wide open beaches, you can enjoy a seaside holiday or invigorating walks along the seafront.

"Please smile at Strangers"

A meeting place for world travelers, city trippers, artists, creatives or just everyday people. In short, a place where everyone is welcome. The hotel is located in the vibrant and bustling centre of Ostend. This urban and trendy hotel is a new concept alongside the Belgian Coast. The hotel has 96 rooms in all sizes: “Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large”. The ‘penthouse’-rooms, better known as “the rooftop” are three suites that have a beautiful view overlooking the sea! The concept is inspired by cities like New York.
Each floor has its own style and character. Every room is different and has incredible details. Some rooms have a boxing ball as an attribute, others have a beanbag or a brick wall. Every room has a rain shower and shiny subway tiles. In short, it’s a hotel where everyone can feel right at home.

Images: Courtesy of the Hotel


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