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22. Februar 2019

The idea of clashing traditional Sicilian interior features with the Italian Renaissance Architecture: Luigi’s Ristorante Bar design by Neowe is an Italian restaurant and bar situated on the first floor of Atakule AVM, Landmark in the heart of Ankara,Turkey.

Mixture of art and the interior

Art and interior unity emphasize the importance of the coherent design. The display window includes the client’s personal collection of specially designed antique cuisine and art pieces. The entrance area contains stained glass, metal frames and hand-crafted blue lacquered wood panels.

The iconic structure of the bar is painted and manually over-coated with a different color to give a dramatic silver tone. The beveled mirror and stainless-steel details emphasize the volume of the bar, while the white quartz counter top, wood paneling and hand-made blue ceramic cladding harmonize with the interior.

The indoor dining area is embracing the Italian atmosphere with the blue molding with famous italian quotes about food. Special plates are mixed with custom produced plates to create the logo of the brand on the facade of the kitchen as a continuation of the display area. Crystal bulbs give diamond like visuals and Art pieces become the attraction point. Canvases are produced with a family owned local company and the blue embroideries are stitched by tailors of the company. The short lemon trees, which are located at the built-in seating areas, are taking glance to Sicilian inspired concept. The Cerim floor tiles merge with the blue wood paneling and create contrast with warm caepet and the furnitures.

Outdoor dining area has two main design features. Firstly custom made metal gazebos in bar and vip sections ; inspired by Italian Renaissance Garden. The chosen color is blending with the facade of the Atakule. Secondly artisan cloud installations which are like a homage to the nature and the color scheme of the space. Lanscape designers worked on the site and arrange the flower combinations for the structure.Different color schemes are brings Italian flair to space.

Images: Fethi Magara


Interior Design: Neowe

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