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UJOY Prime

22. November 2019

Design practice anySCALE creates premium facilities for a new and beautiful fitness environment in Beijing

"It is a mixture of minimal and striking and cool and elegant with a splash of youth bringing the design full-circle." Andreas Thomczyk

UJOY’s existing brand of four fitness facilities turned to anySCALE to create a high-end, sleek and functional environment for today’s modern customers. anySCALE has come together with UJOY to realize their vision and provided design and branding services to successfully create a three-story premium fitness facility in Beijing, China.

“We were inspired about the story behind the brand,” said Andreas Thomczyk, partner at anySCALE. “The young couple had already opened four UJOY gyms but decided it was time to create something more upscale offering more high-end services.”

The gym spans levels 2-4 of and apartment tower in Beijing, China. There was technical infrastructure to deal with including bulky shafts blocking floor area and the fact that the third and fourth floor had no internal connection. In addition, the views from the fourth floor were not desirable.

Tackling the difficulties, our team overcame these obstacles. The bulky shafts were wrapped in mirrors that reflect the outside greenery and disappear into the space, giving it a more open appearance. A metal staircase was installed to connect the third and fourth floors, and while it was difficult, our team persevered and created an open staircase integrated between the indoor swimming pool and training area.

To create a more picturesque scene on the fourth floor, we added a semi-transparent “Granny Smith” colored metal fence. This type of design is seen in other facilities that are squeezed into very dense, tight city spaces in areas like New York or Hong Kong.

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