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Train Stories Part 1

23. Juni 2017

Hokutosei, a limited express sleeping car train, was loved by many people, but disappeared due to the discontinuation of the service. With the cooperation of East Japan Railway Company and JR East Urban Development Corporation, it has been able to come up with the idea of reviving “HOKUTOSEI” as accommodation.

Sleeping Sleeping Cars

The Design is created by OpenA which has established a reputation on renovation of public facilities.
There are dormitory type rooms (shared) and private rooms, which adopted the actual parts of sleeping car to furnish and decorate the interior in order to create a particular atmosphere in the limited space. The new Train Hostel, located in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, is fashioned from a retired sleeper train. Retining many of its original features, including the convertible bunk beds, it can host up to 78 guests. beds are available for 2500 Japanese Yen per night, including access to a kitchen, laundry and lounge.


Photos: PR

More details: www.trainhostelhokutosei.com

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