Trailer with a view

8. Dezember 2017

With wide doors, big windows, and lots of light, Vistabule really is a room with a view to the world.

“This is Not Your Grandfather's Teardrop.”

Vistabule gives you a different view altogether. Our thoughtful, one-of-a-kind design means you’re oriented to the front of the camper where all the action is. Our huge window means lots of space to take in the sites around you. Claustrophobia is out. Views are in. The sleeping/living area is the size of a queen bed. Big enough for a pajama party, pillow fight, or deep slumbers after a big night of campfire revelry. Unlike other teardrops, your feet don’t have to hide under the backside of the galley. Instead you have a floor to ceiling headboard for stashing all your clothing and gear that includes a pass thru opening that provides a clear line of sight from your car’s rear view mirror to whatever is happening behind you.

One of the most striking things about Vistabule is the number of windows. The wide-vista front window not only offers a spectacular view of the horizon, it also serves as a dome under which you can lie comfortably and count the stars as you fall asleep. And, Vistabule is designed with safety in mind–the front window is laminated safety glass–the kind you find on your car’s windshield and all of the other windows are polycarbonate or tempered glass. Not only can you stow all your camping gear in the kitchenette, there’s plenty of room for pots, pans and food. Above and to the left, is a cabinet for your spices, soaps and paper towels. On the right you have another cabinet for cooking oils, wine, and utensils. Your cooler fits neatly in the center. On the left you have a sink with running water and in the center of the counter is a two-burner stove. Down below, Vistabule has various options for designing the drawers you need to make the kitchenette your own.

Typical teardrop trailers are made so that the sleeping compartment has been almost like sleeping in a drawer–feet tucked under the galley in a dark, cave-like, and claustrophobic environment.

Vistabule’s design is different. Really different. You can sleep with your head at either end of the camper—no cramped feet here! But not only that, our queen-sized bed converts to a comfortable couch! Great design means with little effort, you can convert Vistabule’s bedroom to a reading room, game room, observation platform, breezeway, game dining room, gazebo, and back porch all in one!

And many more clever details!

Images: Courtesy of Vistabule



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