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25. August 2017

Worth seeing: ANOTHER TIME by Antony Gormley, installed at Fulsam Rock on the Margate foreshore

Visible from the gallery windows, the solitary figure in Margate invites us to reflect upon the fundamental experience of being human, of inhabiting a human body.

The sculpture in Margate becomes visible about 3 hours before low tide, so visitors are encouraged to check daily tide times. “I wish to celebrate the still and silent nature of sculpture. ANOTHER TIME […] is necessarily isolated, and is an attempt to bear witness to what it is like to be alive and alone in space and time.” (Antony Gormley). In Folkestone, a pair of Gormley’s cast iron, life-sized figures have been placed on the shoreline. These sculptures of national significance will be in place until 5 November 2017 as part of the 2017 Folkestone Triennial, one of the UK’s most ambitious art exhibitions that sees internationally recognised artists commissioned to create a collection of new artworks to be exhibited in Folkestone’s public spaces. The Triennial is the flagship project of the Creative Foundation, an independent visionary arts charity dedicated to enabling the regeneration of the seaside town through creative activity. The site in Margate is part of Thanet’s stretch of coastal chalk which is the longest in the UK. On the chalk below the tide, colourful sponges, anemones and sea squirts abound, along with a variety of crab and fish species. At high tide, the sculpture is completely submerged beneath the sea. At low tide, it is visible from the balcony at Turner Contemporary where you can also see works by Phyllida Barlow, Michael Armitage and Jyll Bradley as part of their summer season, Every Day is a New Day.

Gormley, who is most famous for the Angel of the North, has developed ANOTHER TIME, a series of one hundred sculptures across the UK and beyond which are identical to the hundred sculptures of ANOTHER PLACE (2007).

Photos by Thierry Ball

Please find more information here: www.turnercontemporary.org

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