The most talented bartender in Milan (could be a robot?)

2. August 2019

The so-called city “da bere” and home to aperitivo gets shaken up by new robotic bar “The View by Makr Shakr Rooftop”, opening in Milan’s Piazza del Duomo

Modelled on the gestures of Italian dancer and choreographer Marco Pelle

Makr Shakr, the world’s leading producer of robotic bars founded by MIT professor Carlo Ratti, unveils The View by Makr Shakr Rooftop in the heart of Milan, the city’s very first robotic bar. Overlooking the iconic cathedral, the bar will be located on the rooftop of luxury hotel TownHouse Duomo and open to the public from 26 July 2019. The latest edition of Makr Shakr is also currently taking up residency at the Barbican, London until 26 August 2019, to coincide with the exhibition AI: More than Human.

Coming to life in the city that an ad tagline from the 80’s christened as ‘Milano da bere’ (‘Milan to drink’), The View by Makr Shakr will bring a new (and robotic) vibe in the metropolis that created the social ritual of aperitivo, setting a new pace in the local drinking culture.

The View by Makr Shakr is the perfect venue to enjoy robotic-made drinks, both classic cocktails and mocktails including the T+ based The View, a sophisticated, bergamot tea liquor created especially for the bar.

Modelled on the gestures of Italian dancer and choreographer Marco Pelle from the New York Theatre Ballet, the robotic bar by Makr Shakr is the most advanced drink-mixing robot ever put on the market, available for purchase or rent.

Combining the very finest Italian craftsmanship with high-end technology and elegant finishes, the robotic bar features two mechanical arms that can precisely prepare and serve any drink in seconds – shaking, stirring, and muddling with co-ordinated, dance-like movements. It can skillfully manage more than 150 bottles of different spirits hanging from the ceiling of the bar structure, to create an infinite combination of drinks.

Makr Shakr shows how technology can empower people and create a new drinking experience in a stunning location. Using Makr Shakr’s exclusive mobile app, users can either select pre-made recipes developed by international bartenders, or create and name customised cocktails of their own, served in reusable cups.

“The View by Makr Shakr shows how technology can empower people”, comments Emanuele Rossetti, CEO of Makr Shakr. “It is not about replacing humans with robots but allowing robots to be extensions of our arms. In short, YOU are the bartender”.

“Industrial robots are going to change the global workforce, but many people have never had the opportunity to see them – let alone interact with them”, adds Carlo Ratti, founding partner of CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati firm that designed the system. “Our motivation is in creating novel opportunities for people to interact with New technologies”

The View by Makr Shakr aims to combine Italian barman roots with food tech and the future of human-machine collaboration. “Opening in Milan, the city of fashion and innovation, and in such an iconic place as Piazza del Duomo seemed a challenge: if we make it there we will make it anywhere!”

Images: Marco Beck Peccoz


The View by Makr Shakr, please click here. Address: TownHouse Duomo, Via Silvio Pellico 2, 20121 Milan. Opening hours: 17.00 – 01.00, Monday to Sunday

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