12. April 2019

THE JAFFA in Tel Aviv features an unique preservation and restoration of an unsurpassed 19th Century Neo Rennaissance building by leading London Designer John Pawson, and historic Conservation Architect Rami Gill

Surrounded by the city’s most fashionable neighborhood

The first luxury hotel of its kind, The Jaffa is located within the walls of a 19th century complex that once housed Jaffa’s French Hospital. The Jaffa provides unrivaled exclusivity in an internationally desirable destination. Surrounded by the city’s most fashionable neighborhood and just minutes from the beach, The Jaffa provides a perfect blend of service, style, and state-of-the-art luxury. Designed by renowned London architect John Pawson in collaboration with historic conservation architect Ramy Gill, the duo transformed the original structure into a blend of modern-meets-historic, while remaining true to the original building’s heritage and aesthetic details. Just like its namesake, The Jaffa is a mix of old and new. You can choose to stay in exquisitely restored 19th-century wing, boasting lofty ceilings and arched windows, or incontemporary building, embracing a more modern architectural style. The 120 rooms and suites offer stunning views of Jaffa, the Mediterranean, or the enchanting luscious courtyard. After a day of exploring this ancient port city and its environs, retire to the personalized luxury of your lodgings at The Jaffa. Distinguishing features of a range of accommodations include private balconies, king beds, custom designer furnishings, and custom designed finishes.

Don Camillo pays homage to the essence of the great Italian-American New York restaurants of the 20th century. The cuisine is influenced by that same period, but takes its culinary cues from locally-sourced ingredients and the abundance of the Mediterranean. Fresh New York style bagels, lox and schmear, and all the classic smoked deli meats make Golda’s New York style Delicatessen all-day café an instant classic. The Pool, focuses on fresh, light, and healthy food in a relaxed poolside atmosphere. All culinary venues are in partnership with New York’s famed Major Food Group.

Arguably the most unique spot at The Jaffa is the Chapel, painstakingly restored from its days serving the School of the Sisterhood of St. Joseph. This magnificent space features restored original French stained-glass windows, arched ceilings, and ornate plasterwork details. As the sun sets, the Chapel heats up as one of Tel Aviv’s most stylish and exclusive night spots. The small molded dove at the top of the room also overlooks a variety of other activities and events, ranging from daytime meetings to cocktail receptions to unforgettable weddings.

Images: Courtesy of the Hotel


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