The Hide

5. April 2019

A hidden gem in the Swiss Alps. Set in Flims, the hotel is a home base for gastronomic diversity, dramatic scenery and a world-class wellness facility

The Hide holds the unexpected, just waiting to be discovered

Outside, one discovers a winter wonderland featuring 235 kilometers of pistes that  are literally at the doortstep thanks to the property’s ski-in/ski-out access, while summer dazzles with crystal-clear lakes and the adventure-rich “Swiss Grand Canyon”

Defined by its unspoiled landscape, sustainable development, and outdoor adventure framed by Alpine beauty, Flims is a popular retreat in both winter in summer, yet one with a low tourist capacity that guarantees a high level of authenticity. The mountains that embrace The Hide hotel and Flims are the source of great beauty for the nature lover and the outdoorsman alike. A traditional village, Flims is exceedingly family friendly and offers shopping as well as dining opportunities to recuperate after a long day of skiing.

Raw elegance combined with alpine warmth, contemporary yet cozy influences. Existing concrete ceiling, pillars in concrete painted in three colors, hooks built around them.  Special wall features in wood veneer contrasting with existing concrete ceiling. Customized wall to wall carpets in powerful colors. Inspiration from watercolors. Parts of its element are kept row or are given a new function…. Inside we found an explosion of color to complete it.  Modern Furniture, conceptual wood paneling in three different veneer shades inspired by the geode rocks on the headboard side. Geometrical interpretation of the geodes. Wall to wall carpet inspired by nature in an organic and more watercolor way.  Fabric colors are picked from this carpet (dark warm red, deep green, warm yellow, powder pink, deep maroon). The guestroom’s wooden wall paneling was created by Stylt and replaces any other artwork.

The guestrooms range from 19 to 38 square meters and boast a private terrace and impressive views of the surrounding mountains. All rooms and suites feature a double bed or twin beds apart from the 19-square-meter Single Room, while the 38-square-meter Junior Suite is also home to an inviting bathtub.

A great deal of inspiration for the concept and the interior design derives from the geodes of the Alps, the partially hollow rocks that hides a sparkling microcosm of colorful minerals. In the same way, The Hide holds the unexpected, just waiting to be discovered.

Images: Courtesy of the Hotel


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