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The future of e-bikes

6. April 2018

STRØM CITY is a feature-packed, streamlined e-bike designed for one thing, and one thing only: transporting you from A to B with ease.

E-Biking from Denmark to the World

STRØM CITY is the lightest, most innovative electric bike, with a look, and feel, like nothing you’ve experienced before. The integrated battery in the frame makes for a stylish e-bike without compromising on durability or convenience. The battery is even detachable for easy charging with a built-in locking system to prevent theft. It is designed with flexibility in mind. You can ride it like a regular bike using the 7-speed Shimano gear system or take advantage of its powerful electrical system. Enjoy up to 350 Watt* of electric motor power, which can take you from 0 to 32 kmh/20 mph* in a matter of seconds. Ride full throttle* or use the 5-level pedal-assist function. Start pedaling and feel the electric momentum instantly kick in. Go up to 80 km (50 miles) on a single charge.

STRØM Bikes is the brainchild of entrepreneurs, Morten Birch (age 23) and Nichlas Lloyd (age 26). They met almost a decade ago at a business school in Denmark, traveled together, worked together and shared hundreds of ideas together. STRØM Bikes started in November 2016 when they designed the first FATBIKE model, which later raised more than $450,000 here on Indiegogo out of a campaign goal of $40,000.
The mission with STRØM Bikes is to make inner city commuting more sustainable and convenient, and to help accelerate the transition to green transportation.

In the first campaign, they raised more than $450,000. This has allowed to take the production to the next level. Now, they make the most time-consuming part in-house – the frames. This means they can build e-bikes faster. The production capacity has also improved significantly, and they are now able to produce approximately 5,000 e-bikes a month.

Images: Courtesy of STRØM CITY

The bike is available in 3 cool colors to match your personal style. Choose between matte black, moon gray or shiny white

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