The first Ryo Kan in Latin America opens it doors in Mexico

21. September 2018

Ryo Kan MX is a unique accommodation that integrates the Japanese and Mexican identity and values incorporating the distinctive Omotenashi service in a perfect balance between tradition and cutting-edge technology

Bringing together the Japanese and Mexican identities and values

Opening the doors of the new Ryo Kan MX is like walking into a dimension where time moves at a slower pace, and the atmosphere invites to relax the senses and restore the inner peace.

This newly-opened Japanese oasis —the first ryokan in Latin America— is located at the heart of the up-and-coming “Little Tokyo” neighborhood in Mexico City, a strategic area close to the Paseo de la Reforma financial corridor.

Ryo Kan MX—a project by architect Regina Galvanduque, member of GLVDK Studio— is inspired by different elements of the Japanese lifestyle and culture, incorporating the principles of simplicity and harmony with nature. The façade, designed to evoke origami paper folds, prepares you to enter the serenity of the ryokan’s space. Inside, natural materials and textures (Mexican in origin) offer the perfect backdrop for a Japanese garden, an open library, and a beautiful welcome area.

The ten rooms—each with a different identity and aesthetic and ready to adapt to each guest’s preferences and needs— have been conceived following the premise of millennial Kyoto homes and personalized with bejuco (guaco, a type of vine used in Mayan architecture), terrazzo and oak. Decorated with tatami mats, as well as traditional beds, sliding doors and other unmistakable elements of Japanese culture, they also boast domotics and home automation details, easily regulated through their own app.

The zen garden—the heart of the ryokan—juxtaposes East and West, traditional and contemporary, all while sheltering you from the city bustle. Facilities also include a cozy library, a terrace with four onsen—classic traditional Japanese baths—where you can fully relax while getting a nice view of the city, and a spa room for facial and body treatments.

Omotenashi, a Japanese word that means “the value of hospitality”, is the art of welcoming you and making you feel at home; it’s a concept that, taken to the highest form, combines the respect for forms and the desire for unpretentious harmony. At Ryo Kan Mx you’ll be welcomed from the heart: in an honest, genuine, warm way, precisely anticipating and meeting the guest’s every need.

Images: Courtesy of the Hotel


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