Daily Life

Thank you! Merci beaucoup! Grazie! Gracias! спасибо! 谢谢 ! ありがとう ! شكرا ! DANKE!…

5. April 2019

… for the joy of putting 100 issues together for YOU! We love you! Ein besonderer Dank an Daniel Schilke für das wunderbare Layout! It works! Und an die wunderbaren Fotografen, die uns unterstützen. Thank you to all the great Photographers supporting us! Danke an alle, die an ROBERT’S glauben: Torsten, Mirko, Guido, Jörg, Nantjen, Moritz, Wolfgang, Ivo (we will have our new project soon!) A galactic Thank you to Uli Mai – I love your work for us a lot! A very special Thank you to Michele Aboud – you know why Michele! Thank you our valuable partners – without you, we wouldn’t be that far! And all our wonderful readers! And now: some Pommery Champagne and back to work…. Yours Robert

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