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Take your board with you – with style

24. November 2017

Migra is the new surfboard bag designed to gives an extra protection to your board and new handy features are added to increase functionality to help you in many different situations

We couldn't say it better:

We are a brand new company dedicated on surfboard bags and durable stuff. We are two friends that traveling together for fifteen years exploring waves in remote island. After a trip to the Philippines a few years ago we decided to join our skills as a product designer and business manager to create a surfboard bag that allow us to explore new rip and protect our toys in every day trip.
We strongly believe in durable and resistant products that’s why we select best suppliers to create MIGRA and designed it to be perfect in every situation.
We are located in Canary Islands, if you pass from here write us a message or follow our social to be updated.

Marco and Mirco

Images: Courtesy by Migrasurf

Order online just for Euro 189


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