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30. August 2019

September is Mantero’s “sustainable material” month. Their sustainable development path started years ago as an integral part of our way of “doing business.” There are three different projects this autumn. We show one…


A company that took a meaningful and complete path to sustainability. A designer who made sustainability his hallmark. Environmentally aware innovation and tradition: Tiziano Guardini, known for his visionary ECOuture, and Mantero, the leader in the creation and production of high-end fabrics, have created a capsule to be part of the TIZIANO GUARDINI S/S 2020 collection. It is ready to be shown in the official Milan Fashion Week schedule in September.

Tiziano Guardini was born in Rome in 1980. After graduating in Economics, he decided to undertake an academic programme at the Koefia Academy in Rome obtaining the Fashion Designer title, this was the turning point of his professional career. It was a path full of human encounters and essential experiences that led him to create an innovative and profoundly aware approach to fashion: ECOuture. ECOuture is an “evolutionary” way of making Couture, which skilfully mixes tailoring, innovation, environmental respect and experimentation. It involves researching highly sustainable and cruelty free materials, processing, form and content, fusing ethics and aesthetics. It uses nature as a starting and finishing point, preserving all its features, transforming it into a luxury and contemporary product which is impalpable but with a unique texture. The natural evolution of Luxury.

It was love at first sight between Mantero and Guardini – a romantic and unique project creating 11 extraordinary garments.
The prints, created by Tiziano and Mantero’s creative team, were inspired by the Myth of Atlantis, which is the leitmotif of the collection. It narrates an ancient underwater tale where mermaids, mermen, classical statues, corals, sea horses, jellyfish, marine plants and waves are the main focus. The wave is the symbol that takes us back to the water, the life-giving element, which makes up a large part of us, and from which we cannot transcend.

Tiziano and Mantero’s commitment to sustainability adds the tangibility of a sustainable production process to the poetry and creative vision.
Here lies the innovation: Tiziano needed Mantero’s skills as it could best express his vision and inspiration.

The technique chosen for the fabric printing is the traditional or screen printing, the only one which allows the use of GOTS certified dyes in a quality vibrant colour palette, to give continuity to the value chain.
With this collection, Tiziano Guardini restores the primordial balance that pulsates in every living being and underlines the importance of a conscious and cruelty free fashion. This project, which sees Mantero and Tiziano Guardini working side-by-side in all development phases, has created more than a set of beautiful clothes with a unique label – it demonstrates that the hummingbird of the famous African fairy tale was right.

Images: Courtesy of Mantero


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