Summer 2021

1. September 2020

The swimming season next year – A short preview

Andrew & Cole about next years must-have

Our main goals were to create a clothing line that is comfortable, timeless, has a clear color palette and is made of sustainable and durable fabrics. It is also important to us, that we offer high quality for an affordable and fair price to our customers. We have focused on mainly four colors this year: Navy blue, olive, light blue, and peach.

Comfort as a long term goal
Our swim shorts still offer an USP with its lining instead of the net. This year the concept of comfort is also applied to our other products. It is important to us, that not only the styles and designs look fresh, but also feel comfortable. We believe that comfort is style and we kept pursuing this same goal while creating the 2021 collection.

Design and Inspiration
This season you will find timeless Art Deco shapes, patterns and bright colors (as mentioned above) in our collection. But also, the feeling of the 1960’s in Italy with all the beautiful sandy and rocky beaches. The umbrellas, which are seen across the Italian coast, remain our favorite “mood”. After spending summers at the Amalfi coast, we fell in love with all the natural colors it offers. With this collection we wanted to bring the warm feeling, atmosphere and mix of Italian and funky Art Deco into one artwork.

Fabrics of our products
For our swim shorts: We have added a new fabric for this collection – a sustainable fabric made from recycled PET. This fabric has proven to look classy, even if it gets wet and dry fast. Although it is very light, it is very strong and hard to rip. The Lining on the inside is made of recycled PET with very small holes to allow fast drying and breathing.

For our t-shirts: For the linen t-shirts we used a natural and soft linen. For the classic t-shirts we have a luxury cotton jersey, which is well known for t-shirts and give it a more elegant feeling.

Summer pants: We have chosen a nice and light cotton fabric. The length is short and above the ankle bone. A Mediterranean summer pants for a casual-chic look. To make life easy and comfortable, we used the same elastic band system of the swim shorts, instead of zippers and buttons. Especially the older gentlemen appreciate this detail.

Our toweling collection: The bathrobe/kimono and the beach shirts are made of towel fabric made from bamboo fiber which is super light and breathable compared to other towel fabrics. It can be worn even in the heat, without getting too hot compared to other terry towel products. The beach shirt button down is appreciated by customers because one doesn’t have to pull the shirt over the hair. Once can simply slip in. The same goes for the bathrobe/kimono.

UV shirts: We have been using a really light, fast drying, comfortable and protective fabric for our UV shirts. This product is a great addition to the swim shorts and completes the outfit for a beach club, boat trip or to do water sports.

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