Stay at a piece of art in Tulum

18. August 2017

Perched on the furthest corner of the Yucatan peninsula in the Gulf of Mexico, Tulum is known for its vibrant blue waters, spectacular coastline, balmy breezes and bright sun– making this destination one of the most picturesque places in the world. And the unique Casa Malca

Casa Malca is far more than just getting away from it all. It is about reconnecting with your senses

Discovered in 2003 after sitting empty for a decade, Casa Malca was seemingly preserved in time, untouched by the seasons. Newly renovated, the essence of Casa Malca’s captures the earthy charm while updating the facilities and maintaining the eco-friendly construction of the house, which beautifully contrasts with the contemporary art that hangs and lives all around. Above all, the space honors Tulum’s precious resources and unparalleled offerings, from local fresh produce to artisan crafts.

A spacious beachfront villa, perched above the sand, Casa Malca is a home unlike any other. Beautiful yet, rustic, the house invites ocean breezes, and the sound of lapping waves. Surrounded by lush jungle vegetation, our rooms are airy and comfortable. Take in the view from the private terrace of our 9 spacious rooms in the house or immerse yourself in our luscious gardens from some of our 26 rooms scattered around the property.

The driving force behind the property, Lio Malca, is a lion in the art world, having launched retrospectives at New York’s Whitney Museum and other top venues. For Casa Malca, which is by far the largest house on the Tulum beach, he brings artwork worthy of a museum. But Casa Malca is a work of art itself, set in a natural wonderland surrounded by a lush jungle and including three welcoming pools and locally influenced international cuisine. More about the tasty food at www.wittyberlin.de

Images:  Courtesy of Casa Malca


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