SnowVillage, Lapland

10. Januar 2020

The hugely popular SnowVillage opens for a new season in Finnish Lapland – Europe’s largest snow and ice artwork challenges visitors to interpret the hidden sides of snow sculptures. Five snow and ice sculptors are responsible for the design and production of SnowVillage

Approximately 50 people participate in the creation of SnowVillage

This year, Lapland Hotels SnowVillage in Finnish Lapland is larger than ever before. The artistic theme of the SnowVillage, which opened on 12 December, leaves it to viewers to make their own interpretations, and many of the artworks can be seen in different ways. The Arctic Illusions theme, which emphasises hallucinations and optical illusions, required even more precision and unique artistic vision from the snow artists.

SnowVillage, which has been built near Ylläs in Lainio every year for 19 years, opened its frosty doors on 12 December. For the past two years, SnowVillage’s theme was the HBO® hit series Game of Thrones. This year, the SnowVillage team wanted to make the production even more challenging and chose illusions as the theme. The SnowVillage, which is the largest in Europe, was worked on by eight sculptors, whoseartistic ability was challenged in a unique way.

“This year, our team has been working harder than ever before. We have succeeded in building an icy world that will go down in history as the most challenging snow artwork of all time,” says Janne Pasma, Production Manager of Lapland Hotels SnowVillage.

SnowVillage will offer its visitors snowy illusions that distort the viewer’s spatial and depth perception. The sculptures, which play with the viewer’s senses, can be seen in different ways.

“SnowVillage will challenge visitors to discover the different perspectives of the sculptures, which may not be easily spotted at first,” Pasma says.

The icy SnowVillage, constructed in an area of 20,000 square metres, includes hotel rooms, ice and snow sculptures, an ice restaurant and cocktail bar as well as a chapel.

SnowVillage has gained an enormous amount of international attention in recent years, which has resulted in an increase in general interest and the number of visitors. This year, SnowVillage is aiming for a record number of visitors. SnowVillage is seeking to exceed last year’s huge number of visitors – which was 85,000 – and set a new record with 90,000 visitors.

Images: Courtesy of SnowVillage


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