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Sky Terrace: Eclipsed – February’s most important celestial event is invisible…

9. Februar 2018

An astrological-analytical look at the stars, planetary movements, seasonal phenomena, and the world at large, by Uli Mai.

Normally, each month has two lunations, a full and a new moon.

But this year starts with a rare hiccup in the order of things. January and March both have an extra full moon (blue moon), leaving February only one, the new moon on the 15th!
To make up for this deprivation, that Aquarius new moon is the first solar eclipse of the year, the partner eclipse to the Leo moon in August 2017. The August eclipse was remarkable because it was the first one visible in North America for a long time, plus a total one – the “Great American Eclipse”. This eclipse is partial, and only visible in Antarctica and southern South America, but we will feel its effect nonetheless.
Solar eclipses have always seemed like divine interventions or signs from a higher power. There’s a key moment in Mel Gibson’s movie Apocalypto when the Aztec priest is about to cut out the young protagonist’s heart and then stops, staring at the sky in awe, as the shadow of the moon obscures the sun. The life-giving sun going dark has always been taken as a humbling, even terrifying occurence, an omen of war or upheaval.
In former times, solar eclipses also were associated with rulers, as the sun was considered ruler of the sky. The “Great American Eclipse” surely came with a memorable “ruler” moment when the US president looked at the Solar Eclipse without protection. Probably, that moment would have been considered an omen by the ancients. Maybe, an omen for the lack of respect and awe for our physical reality and its precarious balance. Why?
Eclipses happen when the sun, moon, and earth are aligned so precisely that the narrow shadow of the moon (for a solar eclipse) falls on the sun. This shadow play reminds us of our physical reality: we live on a planet moving through space, and closely tied to its star (the sun) and its satellite (the moon). Disturbances in that balance are an immediate threat to life on earth as we know it. Our reality is physical, we are living in a 3D universe, where light and matter play with each other, creating our habitat.
However, this balance, the material reality, life on earth itself are threatened by the greed and power of a small ruling elite (Leo). This is where February’s eclipse in Aquarius steps in. Aquarius is anti-establishment, anti-privilege. It rules groups of people, like-minded friends, the internet, networks of all kinds, innovations that benefit everyone, and a sense of justice. Think, the resistance in Star Wars…
In the next 6 months, expect some agitated and unusual communication, an influx of new and revolutionary ideas. Prepare for a blast of bold, free-spirited energy to shake up the world. In your personal life, you will be challenged to grow. You’ll probably meet a lot of people, often out-of-your-usual-type people, and may form surprisingly durable and loyal bonds with some of them. So, are you on board? The rebellion needs you…
New Moon Solar eclipse: not visible, but still happening (February 15th, 2018, Berlin 22:15, New York 4:05 p.m.)

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