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Silent Speed

27. Juli 2018

Imagine cruising silently on a motor boat that can reach some actual speed

Joakim Hildén about the Q30

„The Q-Yachts project was conceived with the clear vision of bringing to the market a unique boat which could offer the same experience of speed, relaxed “sailing” and silence, that you will experience when sailing a performance day-cruiser sailing yacht. All packaged in the form of a fully electric motorboat!

The goal has been to develop a boat which is easy to use and own, and puts the focus on enjoying „the ride“ with minimal hassle. Hence the Q30 boasts with the following features/properties:

  • Minimal maintenance (engine and batteries require no service)
  • Easy to use custom App installed in the iPad supplied with the boat (including navigation, range calculator, power monitoring, all light switches etc).
  • Can be transported on a trailer (weight only 1500 kg and 2,2 m wide)
  • Fits into a 40′ container (for longer shipment)

The heart of the Q-Yachts concept, however, is the silence! Thanks to the innovative propulsion technology and the hydrodynamically optimized hull, the boat produces minimal noise and wake. This means that you can actually speak with a normal voice while driving. Hence, the journey truly becomes the destination!“

Images: Courtesy of Q Yachts


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