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26. Januar 2018

The most stylish way to have a beer in Milan. Designed by Frederik De Wachter and Alberto Artesani

Where the mood of an old bar meets modern design

Birrificio Italiano is a pioneering reality in the italian handcrafted beer scenario. Founded in the 1994 and opened to the public in 1996 it was the first microbrewery in Lombardy and it became soon one of the most successful and worldwide known realities, thanks to the creativity and the technical talent of the brewer Agostino Arioli. The production focuses on the creation of a “good to drink” beer that can combine sperimentation and traditional knowledge.

The new Birrificio Italiano faces, through four big windows, via Ferrante Aporti, just near the Milan Central Station, a street where the buildings austere charm bring the visitors into a nordic and metropolitan atmosphere.

A place out of time that wants to evoke the warm atmosphere of some old bar where people used to meet each other in a convivial and domestic way.

Every single material is chosen in order to create a contemporary scenario where the research for a beer that has its own character, its own soul, can be told. The wooden chairs’ different tones reflect the many shades of beers’ colours and two big red neon chandelier show their peculiar names.

Just in front of the entrance, on the 1930s original Milanese terrazzo floor, the bar counter is the real focus point of the space, where the beer is served and its story is narrated. The bar height is intentionally lower than usual to encourage the conversation between visitors and to avoid any kind of barrier with the bartender. Warm lights evoke the beer colours and create a cozy atmosphere where people feel comfortable

Images by Alberto Strada


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