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Restaurant Onglet

1. November 2019

Onglet is located in a former butcher store nestled within the Wyck neighborhood in the city of Maastricht, The Netherlands


Offering a unique journey, Onglet takes you through a multiverse of sensory experiences. When guests arrive at the restaurant, they are asked to ring the doorbell before entering. When the door opens, they step into the closed caterer shop. The sound of the restaurant reaches softly through an open door. By following the sounds, the journey continues by finding their way through a cold meat locker into the restaurant. Quite an experience!

As the name Onglet (Dutch for the tenderest piece of meat) suggests, meat plays the main role. We embody this theme through homage to the previous butcher store, both in the shop and the restaurant. By preserving the original butcher’s floor, the historic heritage of the building remains visible.

In addition to all existing elements, a mix of warm, luxurious and tactile materials are chosen to transform the character of the former butcher store into a pleasant place to dine. The 16-meter Arabescato marble bar attached to the open kitchen, is the eyecatcher upon entering! The comfortable Jupiter stools by Johanson will make the bar a full-fledged place to spend the evening away and offers you a glimpse into the open kitchen where the chefs apply their master skills to the fresh dish of your choice.

Besides the marble bar, the restaurant is equipped with a soft liver-colored velvet sofa that crawls through
the restaurant like a caterpillar and offer seats around 40 guests! The sofa contrasts nicely with the white tablecloths and the antique lampshades above the tables feels like the time has been standing still for a while.

In addition to the interior, we also designed the logo, packaging and menu cards for Onglet. We gave more depth to the visual identity by designing illustrations that gives a slightly provocative touch to the concept. All illustrations are integrated nicely within the interior as well the communication/prints.

Reiters breathed successfully new life into an old historic building and makes it possible to discover a unique fine- dining experience!

Onglet is nominated for the 2019 Entree Awards

Images: Guy Houben


Design: reiters.nl

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