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Renault 4L Plein Air

9. August 2019

A Replica, a Style Icon and a Clean Car. Get one to drive to the Beach with….

Renault says:

Why did you launch this project? The Renault 4 is a very important model in the history of the Renault brand: the first VP in traction in its history, the Renault 4 is the best-seller of the brand with more than 8 million copies sold around the world. Renault Classic and Melun Retro Passion are very attached to this model and have been partners of 4L International since its first edition. For the 10 years of this event, Renault Classic and Melun Retro Passion wanted to present a version never before seen.

Why an electric motor and not an ICE? The electrification of iconic cars (Ladybug, Mini, Fiat 500, 2CV, Mehari, …) is a trend in the background. It seemed important that the Renault 4 be represented in this trend. It is also a way to show the know-how of Renault – leader in this market – in electric vehicles

Will the e-Plein Air be marketed and if so, when and at what price? This is not planned at the moment but we will of course be attentive to the reactions of enthusiasts and potential customers in view of the car

Is the car homologated? No, not so far.

What are the performances of the car? The car has just been finished and we have had very little driving with with it, but the first observations are excellent: the basic behaviour of the Renault 4 is not altered, the driving is pleasant, the acceleration and the speed seem quite in line with our expectations (we were able to pick up a speed of 85 km / h). Top speed has not been verified yet but it should be very close to that of a Twizy 80 (100 km).

What is the weight of the car? 580 kg, batteries included

What is the color of the car? White 322 + mother-of-pearl (shade produced especially by the Renault Design for the project)

What is this grille? Where does it come from? This grille has been designed and produced especially by Renault Design for the project

Which GMP equips the car? Engine, battery and harness come from a Renault Twizy 80

Why shorten the car? We wanted to make a nod to the Renault 4 Plein Air but also the JP4 by giving the e-Plein Air a shorter wheelbase, boosting it a little more compared to the original outdoor.

Why did you have big wheels? For the fun side, almost a beach buggy look.

How long did the project take? The project was born from a discussion between Denis Mahaud (Melun Retro Passion) and Hugues Portron (Renault Classic) at the Epoqu’Auto show in November 2018; after a period of documentation, the project really started at the end of January 2019 and ended just in time for the 2019 edition of 4L International!

What role did Melun Retro Passion play in the project? Melun Retro Passion was associated from the beginning to the project since it was born from a discussion between Denis Mahaud (Melun Retro Passion) and Hugues Portron (Renault Classic) at the Epoqu’Auto show in November 2018. Denis Mahaud has everything Following a proposal to bring its expertise of the Renault 4 and fuel the project in parts for Renault 4 and derivatives. This is how the e-Plein Air was made on the basis of a JP4 platform marketed by Melun Rétro Passion and that the car has many pieces offered in its catalog.


Images: Courtesy of Renault

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