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REcycle to cycle

25. August 2017

3 Guys from Modena started to restore old bikes, customizing them according to the needs and desires of the owners

"We believe that a Cargo Bike can replace a car, and we like to do it by rescuing old bikes".

100% Made in Italy

Giulio tells the story behind REcycle: In 2013 we created our first Cargo Bike prototype using an old ’90s MTB frame. After three years of testing we designed a steel structure that can be easily adapted to any MTB frame. Using only 3 tubes to reduce the welds, we were able to improve the precision and to obtain an even distribution of the load. The frame has a clean and balanced design, typical of traditional Italian steel bikes. By keeping the geometry similar to the original MTB frame it is possible to obtain a fast-turning, efficient bike that suits any customer. Our frames are available in two different variants: Bronte, light and easy to handle, e Bronte XL, with a bigger loading space. Bronte has a higher center of gravity, making it very agile and a loading space of 490mm perfect to transport your daily shopping, kids, dogs, … Bronte XL, as the name suggests, has a bigger loading space of 700mm: perfect for those who professionally deliver goods by bike! Of course, customizations of frame and components are possible, and welcome. If you have an old MTB that you would like to transform into a Bronte, we will be more than happy to help you. In alternative we can choose together the best bike from our wharehouse/museum, to realize a frame that suits you best. Whatever choice is more comfortable for you, the result will be an unique frame without replicas. Design and production of Bronte are 100% made in Italy.

Images: Courtesy of REcycle


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