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16. März 2018

CHICKen is a photographic project that initially started as simple shoot. It became a collection of beautiful images celebrating chickens

"We felt like the chickens had been waiting for their moment in the spotlight"

The chickens in this book are the protagonists and are photographed as top models

The CHICken series was photographed in Italy at the Milano aviary exhibition. Many of the breeders were worried that the birds were not posed according to the breed standard. Instead, what they didn’t understand was just how well the birds had done their homework, they were natural born posers.

The photographers Moreno Monti and Matteo Tranchellini wanted to capture them in their natural state of being with all their elegance.

The CHICken book is designed with the highest quality in mind and every image is paired with an inspiring quote that pays tribute to beauty.
The CHICken collection uses a precious and certified paper, produced exclusively with cellulose fibers from sustainably managed forests. It will be printed, bound and packaged in Italy for optimum quality.

Images: Moreno Monti & Matteo Tranchellini – really nice guys! You should watch the movie about the book here

The CHICken book is now available exclusively on Kickstarter for the early bird price of  Euro 47

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