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13. Juli 2018

Adjacent to the lobby of one of Manhattan’s longest continuously operating hotels, Primo’s draws the inspiration for its comfort and refreshments from the mid-century resorts of the Italian Riviera and the jocular Long Island social clubs of yesteryear

Mingling the idle leisure of beachside service with the welcoming sanctuary of an established neighborhood staple

Primo’s serves snacks and small plates complimented by a classic cocktail list and topped by a unique list of coffee beverages. Primo’s is that special spot whose address you share with few, a place you discover again each time you arrive.

Primo’s interior was designed by Camilla Deterre, based on concepts developed with Aisa Shelley. Primo’s twin rooms are a deluge of terrazzo tile and glazed brick walls with plush velvet seating and a grand marble fireplace highlighted by a mural by Connie Vallesse. Deterre has applied her signature attention to detail and atmosphere in creating a deeply personal and remarkably elegant space evocative of her avid skill in conjuring environs conducive to fantasy and escape. Primo’s is an establishment where visitors can let their guard down, find a new footing, and breath—all while experiencing the high level of service and attention offered by a polished establishment of cosmopolitan hospitality.

At Primo’s guests can expect to find classic cocktails, coffee cocktails, snacks and small plates on offer. We provide a relaxed atmosphere that falls between the mood of beachside service and the discreet attentions of an international hotel; something refined, relaxed, refreshing. Food and Drink at Primo’s are time-tested classics and originals selected by Aisa Shelley.

Images: Adrian Mesko


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