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Pink isn’t just a color, it’s an attitude

27. April 2018

The Hague restaurant MaMa Kelly, renowned for chef IJsbrand Wilbrenninck’s chicken and lobster dishes, opened its second location inside the iconic Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam

A classy, elegant and sexy restaurant

Following the success of the The Hague restaurant, MaMa Kelly’s founders Rein and Willemien Rambaldo, Singha Witteman and Bas Bloemink were eager to find a suitable property to open a second location. Early 2017, they fell in love with a unique 1,000 square-metre space within the iconic Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam.


A big splash of pink
Rein Rambaldo designed the extraordinary interior of the Amsterdam location. Aside from his involvement in MaMa Kelly, Rein is also creative director and founding CEO of ‘De Horeca Fabriek’, a creative agency for the hospitality industry. Working on MaMa Kelly Amsterdam, Rein drew inspiration from a tiny pink New York restaurant he and his wife and business partner Willemien once visited. Apparently, pink is Willemien’s favourite colour, and as most restaurant decisions are made by women, the team decided to go for it. Rein designed a bold, vigorously pink, split-level interior design with each of the four levels looking slightly different, featuring brass, leather and oak details. Altogether it makes for a classy, elegant and sexy restaurant.

Lobster and chicken signature dishes
MaMa Kelly The Hague is renowned for chef IJsbrant Wilbrenninck’s signature chicken and lobster dishes. These are the highlights of the MaMa Kelly Amsterdam menu too, though guests will be able to choose from a surprising selection of vegetarian dishes as well. Everything will be prepared with the freshest ingredients by a group of enthusiastic, talented cooks, led by executive chef Wilbrenninck.

Images: Courtesy of MaMa Kelly

Olympisch Stadion 35, 1076 DE Amsterdam


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