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PINEA mobile

1. September 2020

After last year’s success of Pinea suite, ERA architects innovates again with a new prototype surrounded by vineyards in Penedés

Eco-Suite on wheels

Pinea mobile goes a step further innovating in sustainable and self-sufficient tourism by using solar energy, innovative fabrics, green roof and rainwater harvest deposit (as well as the usual wood and cork).

The solar panel is able to produce 50W and retain them in a battery.
This allows the guests to charge a pair of smartphones, have a side bed light, a dining ceiling lamp and an decorative ambient lighten wall.
This system made in France has a solidarity percentage to produce solar energy and solar lights in Africa.

In order to isolate the roof, we have used sedum vegetation over a special substratum grown in Catalonia.
This creates a quality shadow to be able to sleep until late or have a siesta despite the summer sun.

The deposit is formed by a system of connected trays that harvest rainwater.
It is able to host 100litres and feed the plants above by capillarity in summer with 9litres/m2 per day.
This innovative system is well known in France, but it is the first time that it has ever been installed in the whole Peninsula.

The openings are made with dyed acrylic fabric made in Catalonia within a production process that saves water.
This fabric also has great water repellency without losing it’s breathable characteristics. So the guest is sheltered from the sun and water while still being able to breathe fresh air.
Besides it also has a mosquito net to sleep by the full moon.

Certified wood is used on the walls and furniture.

Cork is used in this project in different ways:
– panels in pavement (soft carpet)
– reused cork stoppers (as isolation gravel on the roof)
– projected cork and cork stoppers in the furniture

In all our projects we try to follow the KM0 construction ring logic.
For this project we count with the expertise of local yet international exporting collaborators for the green roof (Girona), textile fabric and manufacturer (Barcelona), metal works (Lleida), cork stoppers (Girona) and projected cork (Barcelona).

Images: Esteve Serra


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