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Object of my Eye

24. Mai 2019

On the occasion of NYC x Design, New York City based gallery and showroom Matter is hosting a special exhibition, Object of my Eye, showing extraordinary pieces from a curated selection of designers, artists and brands

Object of My Eye is a love letter

The exhibition unites a selection of the seemingly unrelated; objects we hold truly dear, large and small, from past and present, near and far. It is a reminder to keep our eyes open and an opportunity to glean that little bit of catharsis we take from the things that surround us.

Matter has been a touchstone for design in New York City for over fifteen years. With an eye on the past, present and future Jamie Gray continues to present works through a singular lens. The current exhibition reflects his continued search for both the timeless and the provocative.


Rotea Lamp designed by Luca Nichetto for Matter Made
It is from the careful and precise spinning movement applied to hot liquid glass that the Rotea pendant takes its name and features. “Roteare”, the Italian word for “twirling”, is the technique used by master craftsmen in Murano to create the blown glass of Rotea. Apple shaped as a tribute to the New York brand, the shades are available in four different versions – white thin stripes on transparent or shaded globes and darker irregular stripes on white globes – highlighting the artisanal gesture through the uniqueness of each piece. The distinctive textures of Rotea, generate light effects through the transparencies and opacities, each producing a unique atmosphere.

Piece O’ The Pi coffee table designed by Jonathan Zawada for Matter Made
Piece O’ The Pi brings the simple elegance of essential forms together with time honoured materials. A portion of its layered geometric form appears to have been sliced away, suggesting a missing piece of a pie. Bringing together a variety of marbles, a unique game of shapes …

Discus Lamp Installation designed by Jamie Gray for Matter Made
Discus is a spare and graphically compelling lighting collection. Dimmable LEDs cast a warm diffuse light through both sides of a rotatable disc while the modular system makes the design adaptable to spaces ranging from intimate to monumental. The one-off installation presented this year is an expression of the latter, this being the largest installation of Discus done to date.

Reversível Chair designed by Martin Eisler for Tacchini (ri-edition)
Reversível, a historical piece of Carioca design, made Tacchini fall in love with its incredible innovation. Exuding the simplicity of a line as well as a movement, this armchair transforms itself with an extremely casual elegance. Dynamic and flexible in equal measure, the re-edition of Reversível offers double comfort thanks to a moveable seat that can be easily positioned in two ways so as to facilitate the use of seated armchair with a straight back, or a semi-recumbent position, to facilitate greater relaxation.

CC-Tapis rugs

Fordite designed by Patricia Urquiola

Fordite is a byproduct of the car manufacturing industry: a multicoloured stratum of enamel automotive paint that has built up over time within the factory, which is then baked and polished until it resembles a jewel. Inspired by this material, Patricia Urquiola has integrated a similar approach to sustainability in the creation of these rugs. The Himalayan wool, pure silk and aloe used was sourced from the material excess left over from cc-tapis’s regular production process. The rugs maintain the same layered appearance as Fordite, recreated with recycled wool.

Triple slinkie designed by Patricia Urquiola

A design story revolving around color which in 2019 expands to include the new color- combination of the Triple Slinkie, a succession of warm chromatic evolutions. A visual exercise which transforms the intangible idea of shade and hue into a sophisticated product.

Rug invaders designed by cc-tapis design-lab

An inter-galactic, shape-shifting army of contemporary hand-knotted rugs born from the minds of the cc-tapis design-lab. Taking inspiration from traditional rug motifs and icons, the Rug Invaders have broken-free from their historical past and are now out- of-scale and from out-of-space. The Invaders are a new generation of rugs set to conquer and redefine how rugs are used within a space. Invading an interior near you soon.

USHAK INVADER and PALMETTE LAZER CANNON from the collection are on view at Matter.

Bliss big Blue designed by Mae Engelgeer

The Bliss Collection is a characterized by a sculptural and three-dimensional effect which was initially inspired by a sample that Mae Engelgeer created where she was experimenting with rounded shapes and curves. This came after a period of using straight graphic lines and feeling captured by them, Mae felt the need to use bold shapes again. Keeping the playfulness of the Memphis movement in mind and mixing elements like pattern and form with different production techniques give life to the rugs.

Vormen chair for SEM
Designed by young Belgian collective Vormen, composed of Edouard Devriendt, Emile Duyck, Leon Duyck
and Jochen Schamelhout, the Gomito Chairs are made with a thin and elegant hand- welded steel frame, whose curvature supports the precious leather, folded and sewn to act as a backrest. Both seats are available in red, blue or black and with Kvadrat fabric cushion upholstery. The Gomito chair is designed to become a tailor-made product in which the full grain leather of the backrest is destined over time to soften and accommodate the anatomy of the body.

Ondamarmo table by Federica Elmo for Bloc Studios
Onda is an exploration of industrial finishes applied to expressive forms inspired by water and sea life, producing a visual clash. Bringing the same approach of Onda to a higher level with marble enhancing a strong almost liquid plasticity. These rounded and smooth shapes are combined with the finishing study that the designer is conducting on surface transformation and image transfer on organic materials. For ONDAMARMO, Federica Elmo developed, together with industry specialists, a 3D ink jet printing with liquid paint, a completely new processing. The challenge is to hybridize the surface of the marble by working on transferring images that play with the ambiguity between fiction and reality. The artifice is emphasised by the strong colourful graphics to generate a new surface in combination with the natural marble. The designer’s aim is to investigate on textures and color reflections also as a ploy to elevate second-choice marble slabs into something unique and precious.

Simone Shubuck, ceramics pieces
Simone Shubuck received her BFA from the San Francisco Art institute in 1993.

She has had solo exhibitions in New York at Alleged Gallery and LFL (Zach Feuer) as well as Jack Hanley Gallery in San Francisco and Kantor Feuer , Los Angeles. Her work is in the Judith Rothschild Foundation Contemporary Drawing Collection at
Simone has been exploring forms in clay that reflect her painting practice for several years. These ceramics were hand built in Brooklyn in April 2019 expressly for Matter.

Images: ©Brook Holm


MATTER, 405 Broome Street, NYC

Until June 14th

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