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Niddo Café

14. Februar 2020

A simple yet sophisticated design converges with a homestyle comfort food concept in a cozy indoor/outdoor café located in the emerging Juárez neighborhood of Mexico City

NIDDO is the result of the 360° methodology

In the heart of the eclectic and cosmopolitan Juárez neighborhood in the Mexican capital, just one block from the most crowded section of the Paseo de la Reforma, a 581-square-foot space (54 sq m) that formerly housed an art gallery has been turned into an essential stop for locals and visitors, combining a comforting experience with a vibrant environment.

Its kitchen, in full view of the diners, is evocative, fun and even a little addictive; beyond being a foodie attraction, it creates closeness and fosters interaction.

NIDDO is the result of the 360o methodology by MYT+GLVDK, where the brand and design are developed in tandem. The inspiration behind the project was creatively generated by thoroughly analyzing the spot’s DNA and fully involving Chef Karen Drijanski and her gastronomic concept.

The simple yet functional furniture, with clean and curved lines, perfectly complements the art deco building that houses it, which dates back to the 1950s. The color palette is inspired by the hues of some of the menu’s standout ingredients, such as paprika, cacao, and coffee.

In turn, each selected element evokes the colors, aromas, and hospitality of Mexico set within the modern world, far from any stereotypes. The materials and textures chosen to generate this atmosphere are Rosso Levanto marble and dark red refined stone—a rarely used material that works perfectly in NIDDO—and tropical woods such as tzalam, which create the desired feeling of warmth and coziness.

The design is reinforced with raw linens, textiles in burnt red hues and carpentry lacquered in crimson, reminiscent of the pre-Hispanic carmine dye. A touch of neon, MYT+GLVDK’s signature detail, ensures the spaces are always genuine.

The project, from branding to restoration, interior design, furnishing, accessorizing, aroma trace, and special musicalization, was comprehensively developed in just eight weeks.

Images: Pia Riverola



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