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18. Juli 2020

Mercedes, Mercedes again and Bentley…

From a coach box to a high-tech cockpit: how the truck driver's workplace has changed over the past 60 years

Oh how the workplace of Truck drivers has changed over the decades! A quick look at the cockpits and steering wheels of the different model series makes clear the technical transformation which the so-called human-machine interface (HMI) in trucks has undergone through the past decades. The desire to continuously improve ergonomics, operating comfort and networking inside and outside of the vehicle is really clear here. A painted dashboard in sheet metal, a huge yet slender Bakelite steering wheel, a range of different switches and don’t forget the ashtray! That’s what the first cockpits looked like more than 60 years ago in heavy-duty Mercedesbenz trucks with a short bonnet. They were built from 1958 until the 1990s and still have legendary status today due to their great robustness. Our image: the cockpit of a Mercedesbenz 1924 from 1972. From this workplace, the driver monitored the workings of the indestructible OM 355 „Africa engine“ under the short bonnet up front. Image: PR

Premiere 40 years ago: “Popemobile” based on the Mercedes-Benz G-Class

There had not been such a pontifical vehicle until 1980: Instead of being chauffeured around in the usual black, representative limousine, John Paul II used a nacre white Mercedesbenz 230 G with golden details for the first time during his visit to Germany forty years ago. The rear of this special G model features a bench for the Holy Father, which was installed on a continuous floor panel that was raised by 40 centimetres and protected by a high, transparent dome made of artificial glass. Consequently, the Pope remained easily visible for the, on some occasions, several hundred thousand People attending the events, both when he was sitting down and standing up. Various lights were integrated into the sides, floor and roof of the superstructure, which were used to provide direct as well as indirect lighting and made sure the Roman Pontiff also remained well visible even in the dark. Image: PR

Pride of place for Bentley's rainbow car

Bentley Motors is partnering with Cheshire East Council for the North West of England’s first virtual Pride event which takes place on Saturday 25 July.  The announcement celebrates three key themes for Bentley: pride in the diversity of its colleagues at the home of Bentley in Crewe and around the world, hope and gratitude as the business begins to emerge from the COVID-19 crisis and ongoing support for the local community. To celebrate, a Bentley Continental GT V8 Convertible has been wrapped in a rainbow design showcasing six of Bentley’s bespoke paint colours.  The car will feature during the online Pride event which can be watched anywhere in the world. Image: PR

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