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11. Juli 2020

New, spectacular hiking cabins have opened in Luster, Western Norway

Situated in Luster in the western part of Norway on a small plateau overlooking the beautiful Jostedalen glacier, Tungestølen comprises a constellation of pentagonal tourist cabins designed by Snøhetta for Luster Turlag, a local branch of the Norwegian National Trekking Association. Designed as an architectural reaction to the changing weather conditions of this mountainous site, the distinct cabins offer visitors a comfortable and generous shelter during the summer and autumn months when the cabin is open to the public. Image: Snøhetta

Catellani & Smith Inspiration for a Hotel

In the bar area, the rendering shows the majestic Macchina della Luce and a Gold Moon Chandelier. The former, in a five-disc, gold-coloured leaf finish version, enhances the coffered ceiling and illuminates the lounge and cocktail bar areas. Gold Moon Chandelier, composed of irregular golden discs, is suspended over one of the tables. A row of Lederam W in white and gold-coloured leaf finish decorates the walls, while CicloItalia Filluminates the tables. Images: PR

Abimis brings Aaute Cuisine to the heart of Milan

The story of this impressive apartment, situated in Milan’s historic centre, is told through its decor, bringing to mind sophisticated, metropolitan style, its ornaments and accessories, striking the perfect balance between simplicity and elegance, and its rooms, inspiring a sense of freedom and ‘openness’. The furnishings and unique details in each room create a charming visual impact, providing top functionality with a modern twist. Abimis takes centre stage here with Ego, its tailor-made kitchen able to take on a new shape for every single project, transforming this room dedicated to spending time with others and preparing food, with a special focus on flexibility. The separate, large and bright room that is home to Ego features a pleasant combination of industrial style and urban touches, typical of large town houses. Image: Abimis.

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