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22. Mai 2020

Im Fokus. Bentley Honey. Clever Travel…

Polaroid meets Sandqvist

Die Sandqvist x Polaroid Kollaboration ist eine limitierte Kollektion bestehend aus vier exklusiv entworfenen Accessoires: einem Rucksack, einer Gürteltasche, einer Shoppertasche und einem hochfunktionellen Kameragurt.Mit im Handgepäck: eine limitierte Sandqvist Taschenkollektion und eine Polaroid Now Sofortbildkamera. Mit der ersten nordischen Kollaboration von Sandqvist und Polaroid begibt sich das smarte Rucksack- und Taschenlabel auf eine aufregende Reise quer durch vier europäische Hauptstädte. Beide Marken zeichnen sich durch innovatives minimalistisches Design aus, was sich in der gesamten Kollektion widerspiegelt, wobei die charakteristischen Polaroid-Farben an jedem Artikel leuchtende Akzente setzen.Alle Artikel haben eine wasserabweisende Beschichtung, damit Ihre Polaroidkamera geschützt ist – bei jedem Wetter. Foto: PR; sandqvist.com

Bentley’s swarm of Flying Bees return from hibernation to start work

The company is installing two additional beehives, with one more to follow, taking the total number of Flying Bees to 300,000, the largest collection in the UK  automotive industry. A phased production ramp up is expected to produce more than 200 jars of honey by the end of the harvest season.  After spending the winter months in hibernation with local beekeepers, Buckley’s Bees Ltd, the 120,000 bees return home and will be joined by an additional 180,000 British Apis Mellifera honeybees. The amount of national beehives will increase from two to five, all on the edge of Bentley’s headquarters in Crewe. The area is filled with bee-friendly wild flowers and borders the Cheshire countryside, which provides the perfect habitat for the bees. Coinciding with World Bee Day – designated by the UN – the bees will be put straight to work, with high expectations of matching the productivity of Bentley’s colleagues. Each hive has the ability to create 15kg of honey; meaning around 200 jars of honey could be produced and shared with Bentley’s colleagues and visitors. Image: Bentley

PriestmanGoode reveals new solution to get cities moving

As rail networks face the challenge of re-starting services as lockdown conditions ease, PriestmanGoode, the leading transport design consultancy, has responded with a new rail interior solution. With services running to revised timetables and passenger capacity reduced to as low as 10%, the flexible new design makes optimal use of space blocked-off to ensure social distancing. It potentially alleviates pressure on bus and underground services, used to complete journeys, that are also under severe capacity constraints and commuters may be reluctant to use. Paul Priestman, designer and chairman of PriestmanGoode explains: “As transport designers, the “first and last mile” have always been important considerations for us as our design approach considers the entire customer journey. People typically use their own car, buses or underground services to start and end their journey, but many would prefer to use bikes as a lower-cost and more flexible alternative. We have found a way to adapt our ‘Island Bay’ seating design so that more bikes can be easily and safely accommodated onboard commuter trains. The space the bikes occupy helps with social distancing onboard the commuter trains and enables the passenger to continue or complete their journey at either end.  Image: PriestmanGoode; priestmangoode.com

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