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8. November 2019

Ein Baum in der Küche, Batman fliegt vorbei und dann geht uns ein Licht an….

Oasi: a kitchen under the branches of a fruit tree

A brand new place to live, Oasi is way more that a functional furniture element: a one-piece kitchen unit / dining area able to contain all those characteristics of a place for sharing time, that is the Italian kitchen. Structural and iconic main core of the project is a fruit tree, referring point around which families and relations can come together in many ways, and metaphor of the importance that the place conceived for dining acquires as centre of gravity in peoples relationships. The tree, the table and the cooking hob are one piece, that can recall stories, events, memories and cooking secrets. It is not just a kitchen, but the tale of everything happening around you. Foto: PR. arancucine.it

LEGO® DC Batman™ 1989 Batmobile™

Vor 30 Jahren begann mit dem ersten Batman™ Film die moderne Ära der Superhelden-Faszination. Nun bringt die LEGO® Gruppe anlässlich dieses Jubiläums eines der legendärsten Filmautos auf den Markt: das LEGO® DC Batman™ 1989 Batmobile™ inklusive der drei Minifiguren Batman™, Joker™ und Vicki Vale™. Analog zum fiktiven Automobil des Comicsuperhelden wurde das LEGO® DC Batman™ 1989 Batmobile™ mit einer das Cockpit umrahmenden, umlaufenden Windschutzscheibe und Enterhaken an allen Seiten designt. Die klassischen Kurven, Batwings und Reifenverzierungen mit dem bekannten Fledermaus-Logo komplettieren das unverkennbare Design. Mit einer Länge von 60 Zentimetern und über 3.300 LEGO® Elementen ist das beeindruckende Modell ein kleines Schwergewicht – denn hier verbauen Fans rund drei Kilogramm LEGO® Steine. Foto: PR. lego.com

Trenta here...

When, in 1989, Enzo Catellani decided to found Catellani & Smith, he only considered the light bulb. “The lamp doesn’t make the light, the light bulb does. The bulb gives shape to that light” was something he said over and over again. Over these past thirty years, the light bulb has undergone various transformations, up to its latest evolution, the LED, whose enormous potential Enzo Catellani was immediately able to envision.  New forms, unimaginable before, have been shaped by his creativity. This is how Trenta was born; a lamp that celebrates the light bulb, new technologies and the first thirty “light-years” of Catellani & Smith. It is an exquisite object, made in a numbered, limited edition. Held lit in your hands, Trenta reveals its magical power. Just imagine, you can now bring light to places you were unable to before, screwed to its pedestal or simply set down where otherwise there would only be darkness. Trenta is here, in your home, waiting for you to remember her, and what she is capable of doing. In the meantime, she puts on a fine display. She knows she’s important. She knows she is a tribute to the shape of light. Image: PR. catellanismith.com

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