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10. Mai 2019

What if experience was the new luxury? The experience of a night in the middle of Nature, in absolute silence. As a discreet spectator of a Nature we’ve lost touch with. A desire to (re)connect

Designed and manufactured in Lyon

LUMIPOD is minimal, like the original cell. This prefabricated housing module, a real cocoon of simplicity, settles in the middle of Nature to welcome city dwellers willing to relax away from the concrete jungle. It offers within 17 square meters only (183 square feet) a bedroom and a toilet and shower area. A very minimalist configuration, but without sacrifying comfort, for a unique experience of re(connection) with Nature. LUMIPOD is built around a LUMICENE® window. This new concept uses curved glass in aluminium frames sliding between two rails, allowing the interior space to be occasionally transformed into an outdoor space. Closed, it is a comfortable cocoon but fully immersed in Nature.

In a single gesture, LUMIPOD eliminates the boundary between interior and exterior for an unforgettable experience.

It is designed and manufactured in Lyon, FRANCE. The unit is built from 2 modules resting on four screw piles to minimize as much as possible the impact on the installation site. The whole is assembled within 2 days. LUMICENE’s team is currently exploring new technologies in appliance and bathroom fixtures in order to offer a totally off-the-grid version of the LumiPod in the course of 2020.

LumiPod is wrapped into a burned wood exterior cladding, following the Shou-sugi-ban japanese tradition. But it offers an almost infinite choice of coverings to fit perfectly into its new decor. Most images presented here feature LumiPod in le Chablais, a small area in the north of the French Alps. LUMIPOD is available today, the first units are being manufactured and will be delivered in the Spring of 2019. LumiPods can be delivered anywhere in the world within six months.

Images: Oxygen



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