Well Being

Limited Edition

30. November 2018

The Panettone Niko Romito is an explosion of flavor and remains light and fragrant until the last bite. Only 2,000 pieces produced, made with lots of love and boxed in a special packaging

A Panettone with an incredible creamy texture

The Panettone Niko Romito is produced in the bread baking laboratory PANE (images below), in Castel di Sangro, in two versions: Classic and With Chocolate. The daily baking process is long and accurate, the preparation is over three three days and includes three progressive leavening phases. Flour, natural leaven, eggs, vanilla beans, butter, “Sulla” honey, home-made candied orange zests, chocolate pearls or golden raisin. The process guarantees a Panettone with an incredible soft and creamy texture, particularly rich in natural aromas.

Images: Francesco Fioramonti

You can order Panettone Niko Romito at this link, filling in the order template with the required information for the delivery. The shipping is made through express delivery service in Italy and Europe.

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