Limited-Edition Inspired by Space Exploration

27. September 2019

The Silver Polycarbonate Carry-On is Laser-Etched with Three Space-Themed Designs: Team Human, Moon Shot and Occupy Mars

The designs combine an icon of Earth, the Moon, or Mars and a description of outer space

Arlo Skye, a luggage brand for the design-obsessed, launches a limited-edition Carry-On line inspired by the endless possibilities of space travel. The Polycarbonate Carry-On in Silver (sized for domestic and international travel—and potentially for interplanetary voyages) has been laser-engraved with three custom-designed insignias to choose from: Team Human, Moon Shot and Occupy Mars. Arlo Skye’s Space Collection is an ode to bold new developments in deep-space exploration. There has never been a more exciting time for human spaceflight. Humankind is once again setting ambitious goals: building deep space transport infrastructure, manned missions to Mars, lunar orbit tourism and a permanent base on the moon itself.
“The Space Collection celebrates the modern zeitgeist of space exploration in a playful way,” says Mayur Bhatnagar, Co-Founder and CEO of Arlo Skye. “As humans become a space-faring civilization, this limited-edition line aims to remind us of the endless possibilities of human potential.”

The designs are etched onto the surface of the carry-on with a 5-axis nanosecond laser. The technique uses ultra-fast pulses of light to naturally change the color and texture of the luggage surface at the micron level, resulting in a permanent and flawless surface finish.

Images: Courtesy of Arlo Skye


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