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Last Diamonds

28. Mai 2018

The latest work from Italian photographer Francesco Bosso documents the dramatic melting of Arctic icebergs through stunning black and white images

The beauty of the Arctic

Driven by the author’s first-hand witness of the effects of global warming, Francesco Bosso’s Last Diamonds is a devastatingly beautiful denunciation of environmental pollution and human inaction. “While touring around the Arctic borders,” the photographer writes, “I have felt strong emotions; the fluidity of such a natural beauty is unsettling. You can immediately perceive the fragility and disaster in progress. Although the Arctic is so far away, it really is the thermometer of the Earth.”

This new photographic book presents thirty of Bosso’s photographs documenting the beauty of the Arctic through icebergs, the “last diamonds” of a rapidly changing world. These precious jewels, beaten and sculpted by wind and water and becoming increasingly rare, offer a glimpse at a place and an awareness otherwise so out of reach. The images of Last Diamonds are supported by critical texts from Filippo Maggia, a researcher in London’s Royal College of Art, and Luca Mercalli, president of the Italian Meteorological Society and author of A Silent Disaster.

Images: Francesco Bosso


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