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LA – SF by Nightliner

11. November 2017

By consolidating both transportation and accommodation into one simple and delightful experience, Cabin’s one-of-a-kind moving hotel experience enables people to travel without travel time

A very stylish way to travel

Cabin is the first hospitality transportation company on a mission to make the most of every waking and sleeping moment. Cabin addresses America’s „500 mile problem,“ in which regional travel up to 500 miles from home requires sacrificing an entire day, forcing people to take fewer trips without even knowing it. With a fleet of beautifully designed private cabins and luxurious, snooze inducing amenities, Cabin empowers consumers to reclaim their precious time while being transported to the places they lovesecurely, affordably and in style. Cabin’s moving hotel service is initially available between San Francisco and Los Angeles with additional expansion on the horizon. Book a private cabin and sleep in miles per hour, starting at $115 each way. Please note that ticket prices depend on when you book your ticket relative to the selected departure date. Cabin does not charge any extra or hidden fees such as service or baggage fees.

How Cabin works.

1. Guests check into their private cabin by 11:00pm PT while Cabin is stationary at the designated point of departure.

2. Once the guest is comfortable, the hotel moves to the arrival destination. During this time, guests have access to both their private cabin as well as a bathroom and communal lounge, while enjoying WiFi and luxurious, sleep-inducing amenities.

3. A certified attendant is onboard for the duration of the journey to assist all guests.

4. Guests check out rested and refreshed in their arrival city at 7:00am

Images: Courtes of Cabin



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