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7. September 2019

ŠKODA’s innovative and fully electric two-wheeler concept combines simple handling, the latest technology and purist design

Electric drive with integrated 4 kW hub motor and two 1,250 Wh lithium-ion batteries. Front hydraulic brake with ABS and new lighting concept for maximum safety

ŠKODA is presenting its electric two-wheeler concept for sustainable micromobility in the city – the KLEMENT. The car manufacturer is demonstrating its innovativeness as well as sensitivity to current mobility trends and demands. In developing the KLEMENT, ŠKODA brought the specialists at BFO Mobility on board. The result is a completely new kind of vehicle, combining elements of a pedelec and scooter. The KLEMENT performs best in heavy city traffic thanks to its agility, making the daily commute a breeze. The all-electric two-wheeler concept has a futuristic aluminium frame; the wheel suspensions make use of single-sided swing arms. The mobility concept has no visible levers or cables, and the rider’s feet rest on fixed pedals located where e-bikes ordinarily have a bottom bracket. Riders accelerate and brake the KLEMENT just like they would popular hoverboards – by tilting the foot pedals. If the users shift their weight forward on the pedal, the KLEMENT’s hub motor accelerates. If the pedals pivot backwards, a hydraulic disc brake at the front equipped with ABS is activated, as is regenerative braking at the rear wheel.

The wheel hub motor on the rear wheel has an output of up to 4 kW and accelerates the bike to a maximum speed of 45 km/h. The two lithium-ion batteries, each featuring 52 cells, have a total capacity of 1,250 Wh – providing a range of up to 62 km. These batteries can be easily removed and charged using a household plug socket; they can also be recharged while riding thanks to brake energy recuperation. With a target weight of approximately 25 kg, the KLEMENT is easy to manoeuvre at all times.

Image: ŠKODA


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