Kex, Portland

18. November 2019

KEX first started in 2012, when a businessman and a set designer met at an abandoned biscuit factory in a strange corner of Reykjavík while scouting a location for an upcoming film. While the movie never got made, the vision for the set remained…

Kex means biscuit - sweet dreams

… the film treatment soon became the outline for a business plan to create a real place to hang out, where travelers and locals could both feel at home. They bought the biscuit factory, and KEX was born. As more friends, craftspeople and experts joined the team, KEX became what it is today: a design-focused space filled with salvaged materials and pieces from around the world, and a social hotel where people from anywhere can gather to eat great food, hear music, and be inspired. You don’t have to speak Icelandic to understand, all you have to do is step inside. Now a new location opened in Portland, US.

The shared guestrooms provide an affordable option for travelers to stay in either 4 bed, 6 bed, 8 bed or 16 bed rooms. Guests can book individual beds or the entire room if they’re traveling with a group. All shared rooms are unisex with the exception of our female-only 8 bed room. Depending on room selection, bathrooms will either be located en suite or a short walk down the hall. The custom designed bunks feature privacy curtains, power supplies in each bunk, personal reading lights and storage pouches for all of your necessities. Each bunk features two drawers large enough to store carry on suitcases, and rooms include lockers along with plenty of hooks for hanging your personal items.

Images: Mikael Lundblad


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