It’s not a camping trailer: it’s a Polydrop

8. März 2019

After eight years of studying Architectural design, Founder of Polydrops, Kyung-Hyun Lew realized that he has been designing spaces only for other people, which he never been able to use himself. One day, the decision to sell his car to build his own, portable space led to Polydrop’s birth

A portable private space

The first prototype of Polydrop Trailer came out in 2017, weighing only 680 lbs. 100% handmade, the lightweight trailer made him able to travel with his wife’s small 4 cylinder car for a year. Lots of feedback and interest from people during the trip led Lew to jump into business after the graduation from SCI-Arc.

“What I’ve designed is not a camping trailer. it is a portable private space, that you can travel with. Fun fact is, my wife and I not only used to use this trailer for traveling but also we use it as a personal studying space at the SCI-Arc parking lot and a micro office while we were developing our business at the start-up incubator.”

The 2019 Polydrop Trailer has been developed after traveling around the US. Still, it weighs only 760lbs with improved parts. Polydrop Trailer is based on a full aluminum light-weight frame with Timbren Independent suspension and hydraulic disc brakes for best drivability and safety.

The wooden cabin is simply bolted on the aluminum frame. In the wooden cabin, there is a three-quarter size mattress, a three-section storage spaces, and a roof vent. The mattress is comfortable for two adults, like most of other teardrop trailers, and each storage section has beautiful, hidden LED lighting. Maximum 8.2″ thick rigid insulation and an aluminum skin wraps the wooden cabin to protect the people from harsh weather.

In his article, ​“A Home Is Not a House,”​ Reynard Benham’s main criticism of Americans was that they think of their dwelling as a “hollow shell”, which doesn’t efficiently protect them from the heat and the cold, thereby causing them to “pump more heat, light and energy into their homes than people of other countries do.”
Polydrops agreed with his idea, thus putting extra insulation in the walls to save energy.

Polydrop Trailer’s electronic system is supplied power from a 100W solar panel and a 110v power inlet on the left side of the body for heating and lighting.

“When we looked back, the happiest moment of building this trailer was that we finally have our own space to let us be free to leave whenever we wanted, not merely camping in comfort.”

Even though this is the smallest travel trailer, it is enough to camp in because most needs for camping, such as restroom and tables, are available in campgrounds. All you need is your own space to sleep and some storage.

Images: Courtesy of Polydrops


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