Introducing Apollo

11. Juli 2020

Apollo by TO Studio is a luxurious capsule developed to showcase the studio’s in house design and manufacturing capabilities, creating experiential spaces for commercial & hospitality projects worldwide

A unique environment modelled to scale on the Apollo 11 spacecraft

Taking inspiration from one of Man’s greatest feats, the Apollo ‘spaceship’ features an array of authentic hand-finished materials and exquisite design details. Inspired by NASA’s Apollo 11, the polished stainless-steel shell is the same scale as the original capsule. Inside, Apollo’s interior is lined with sumptuous, hand tufted upholstery, available in a variety of finishes from the Timothy Oulton collection. A dazzling Odeon pendant hangs above the illuminated alabaster table, creating an elegant booth that can comfortably sit up to 8 people. The capsule is broken down into multiple components for shipping with the main outer shell portion dividing into 8 segments.

Made in house, by hand, by teams of skilled craftsmen, each capsule is unique and individually numbered. Taking over 1,448 hours to complete, the Apollo is made in 5 different workshops and can have up to three craftsmen working on it at any given stage.

Diameter: 3907mm/ 12.82ft
Height: 2856mm /9.37ft
Weight: 1880Kg

What is the purpose?
To date Apollo has been adapted for a variety of uses, touching down in destinations across the globe including Milan, London, Shanghai, Los Angeles, Dubai and Mumbai. At Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen in London, Apollo is used to create a unique dining experience which offers a curated menu for special events and VIP guests. Whilst in LA, the capsule is used as an office meeting room, installed alongside the owner’s private art collection and vintage cars.

The first moon landing represents an iconic moment in history where Man achieved the seemingly impossible. It will forever be remembered by the millions of people worldwide who watched it on their black and white TV sets. However, when it comes to space exploration, despite a half century of global innovation, so much still remains unknown. For the TO Studio team, the Apollo has become a symbol of unforeseen possibility, of future exploration and collaboration towards shared goals.

Images: Courtesy of Timothy Oulton Studio

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