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How Men want their wardrobe: Clearly

18. August 2017

German Designer Alex Schulz reinvented a man’s locker with a clear and visible statement called ANYTIME

Anytime Anywhere

ANYTIME is a hybrid of two species – a lightweight wardrobe (clothing rack) and a floor ramp.
By night and through the use of LED lamps, it becomes a lamp. Thus a mysterious space is revealed, where clothes are staged on different levels of translucence. Based on a modular architecture , but using different shells, ANYTIME adopts different styles.
It adapts to peoples different tastes and ways of living. Being lightweight, ANYTIME is as well apt for small urban spaces as also for staging a single dress in an artful way.
Thus the project became a product family based on an initial previous concept.
The different shells are made either of acrylic with optical foliage or perforated faux leather or of bent wood.


Images: Courtesy of Alex Schulz


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