Hotel Monte Cristo

13. Juli 2018

This hotel in Paris is a tribute to French genius, represented by Alexandre Dumas

Travellers are constantly in search of experiences and authenticity...

They come to Paris to find the air and conventions of a period so dear to the French Spirit – the 19th century.

The 19th century belonged to France; it was a time when its influence stretched across the globe.

Its significant artistic influence set France apart. How many countries could pride themselves on such a profusion of combined arts, movements and talented artists? Symbolism, romanticism, impressionism, modern sculpture and literature.
Economically, France was shaken up by the industrial revolution, which led to major social advances such as secularism, the right to vote, the right to strike, freedom of the press and free education. Progress was to offer a better life to everyone.

Houses reflected the era and the regimes: all the different trends were mixed up, magnified and coupled together in a patchwork which did not shy away from excess.
Let’s be daring and travel!

Victor Hugo and Alexandre Dumas: two rival brothers, two giants, who together represent the century.

They envied each other, admired each other, complemented each other, saved each other’s lives and lived life to the full! Victor Hugo was the greatest poet of the century and Alexandre Dumas tirelessly sought to recount the tragedy of France. Our aim was to offer a modern-day perspective on these turbulent times.

Alexandre Dumas is the most widely read French writer in the world, but behind the literary myths, we have too often forgotten the man. His life, characterised by literature, movement and greed, was straight out of fiction. This man’s recklessness, delusion and folly, his health and his fecundity were phenomenal.

Let’s remind ourselves of his story.
Alexandre Dumas was of mixed race, the grandson of an aristocrat and a slave, the son of a bastard who became a general in the Empire and who was close
to and challenged Bonaparte, an observer of the men of his time, a benevolent patron of others, a lover of the most beautiful women in Paris and finally the father of another writer.

An eccentric property owner, Dumas had his own theatre built as his residence, the Château de Monte-Cristo so admired by Balzac, a building which combined the Renaissance, Baroque and Gothic styles. A tireless traveller, Dumas experienced exile, the far-off lands of the Caucasus, the Black Sea and the hot Sicilian sun.
He died alone, with nothing to his name but the books he had written.

Alexandre’s ancestors used to produce their own rum in St Domingo.
The count, also known as Sinbad the Sailor, brought back these prized bottles from his many travels. As a tribute and by choice, Hotel Monte Christo dedicated a venue to this elixir.
The owners have gone there and selected the best casks so they can offer one of the finest cellars in Paris. Customers can store and keep their
bottles in their name.

The Count of Monte-Cristo has lent its name to the latest addition to the Les Hôteliers Impertinents Group. This new hotel draws on its author’s exuberant character.

The high standards for its completion can be measured in the sophisticated details.The craftsmanship, the fabrics produced with our own prints, the design and the manufacture of items of furniture and lights have all contributed to this journey back in time.

Over 200 period items have been tracked down to lend the hotel an inimitable patina. When guests enter the hotel, they are greeted by trophies of stuffed animals, like a curiosity cabinet.
The materials used, such as velvets, earthenware tiles, mural dyes and floor L’hôtel compte 50 chambres, dont 3 suites et 4 chambres boudoirs.

Each room has its own story to tell with the friendly ghosts of Alexandre Dumas, his female conquests and his journeys. A detail painted by hand, the choice of a fabric or the expression of a colour hold the promise of a unique stay and a timeless experienc

Images: Christophe Bielsa

The hotel is tucked away down a little street in the 5th arrondissement of Paris. Three extra storeys had to be added and major underground works had to be completed to create a 16 metre swimming pool and offer our guests 50 rooms.


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