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Heaven Inn in Évora

5. Oktober 2018

This new hostel aims the satisfaction of the needs of tourists who visit the Alentejo region in Portugal and are fans of tourism experiences that are comfortable to settle in and enjoy sharing, who want to meet other people who have a taste for acquaintance with other people, customs and traditions, who want to experience experiences of local history and culture, and acquire new knowledge

Heaven Inn Évora Hostel is an old house of the 18th century that has been in the family for generations. It was fully recovered by one of the direct descendants, now sole owner

Inserted in the heart of the historical center of Évora’s City Museum, this four-floors building was renovated under the guidance of the distinguished and our esteemed friend, Architect Cristina Santos e Silva, of the Arctic Cabinet.
The philosophy of intervention is based precisely on the understanding of this most popular and accessible culture, not through a more classical and scholarly approach, because when it comes to a hostel, it is an unpretentious and genuine attitude.
Architecture, decoration, lighting and furniture should be understood here as elements of a simple composition, in order to standardize the whole as a coherent and harmonious whole.
Simple materials such as iron, clay, stone, lime, wood, cork and fabrics are associated in a chromatic complicity in order to highlight the colors and motifs of these truly Alentejo decorative elements.
Here you can enjoy the regional luxury, absolutely felt in any part of this house, the beauty of the old and the timeless of now.
Now becoming the tourists’ option in low-cost format for all lovers of sharing, the new trends of the traveler.

The main concern of the owner was to keep the traces of the house and that each guest felt the history throughout the surrounding area, one of the best features is the livingness with the exterior space, the front view to the church of San Francisco and Capela dos Ossos, a little more deeper, other monuments of importance, the gardens and the D. Manuel II Palace (holiday place of the royal family) the property is surrounded by monuments, where the eyes take us in the distance to the dazzling Alentejo plains that are visible through the balcony of the last floor, in general, immerse yourself in a cultural and romantic view of the Alentejo, the Noble and Always Loyal City of Évora, one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
A house that is totally open to the numerous World Heritage Monuments. Now take a deep breath and relax on the terrace of the Heaven Inn, watch the white houses and the red roofs, their facade’s adorned by the color of the tiles, forged stone and iron, the different colors given by the sky, awakening all the senses, hear the chirping of birds that fly in circular motions of joy.
The house is composed of four floors: on the ground floor, there is the reception and the Lan Computer area, only for the guests usage; on the first floor, there is a bedroom area with a total of fifty-three beds distributed in five bedrooms, an individual light-bulb supply, a locker inserted in the bed space, an electric socket, and decorative cork elements with modern bedding that fits to the comfort of a quality sleep, the main objective of the owner. Walk-in bathrooms and hydraulic mosaic bathrooms.
On the 2nd floor, there is the only suite with a private terrace and a front view of the Plaza 1º Maio, opposite of the Santo Antão church located in the well-known Giraldo Square. Almost all floors have hydraulic mosaic pavement, much used at the time, stairs in white and pink marble.
Open the living room windows enjoy and sit comfortably on a huge sofa influenced by Alentejo fabrics or in a spacious armchair and discover the stunning view.

Images: Courtesy of the Hotel. Thank you!


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